Kids and Teen Comedy Classes

Do you like to make your friends and family laugh? Have you ever dreamed of performing on stage in New York City? Or, are you a parent looking for new, fun and rewarding activities for your kids? Look no further! You’ve come to the right place. In addition to our adult comedy classes, The American Comedy Institute offers stand up comedy workshops specifically for kids and teens.  These workshops are taught by the renowned standup comedy instructor, Becky Veduccio.

kids-comedy-classIn this workshop, kids (9-12 yrs old) and teens (13-18 yrs old) will find their comedic voice through improvisation, writing and performance exercises. Their confidence will soar in this fun, spontaneous and supportive environment! Children see the world differently, and this class allows them the freedom to explore and express their own individual points of view. They will learn the creative writing process and learn how to become capable public speakers. The workshop culminates in a performance for family and friends at the world famous Gotham Comedy Club in NYC.

What Will Your Kids Learn?

Confidence. Confidence. Confidence!

After a first standup performance, you feel like you can do anything! By creating a supportive environment, students enjoy the freedom of expressing themselves openly. We believe that acceptance and encouragement instill confidence…and confidence fosters success in school, social settings, work and life in general.

The Creative Writing Process

By writing and editing and rewriting their material, your kids learn the process of developing an idea into clear, lucid writing. They learn this in a fun, non-stressful way with helpful guidance from the instructor.

Public Speaking Skills

kids-comedy-performanceAfter weeks of getting up in front of fellow students and their instructor, then performing a standup comedy show in front of a packed audience at Gotham Comedy Club, future public speaking events will be a breeze. Social studies presentation? No problem. College interview? Piece of cake. Ordering on their own at a restaurant? Pshh. (They won’t believe they used to make you do that for them.)

Who They Are – Their Voice.

Many times kids and teens feel stifled, but in this standup comedy class, they know they can freely express themselves. Through comedy writing and performing, they discover and discuss their personal beliefs, ideas, worldviews, and thoughts, with confidence.

How to Make Humor a Part of Their Lives

The beauty of comedy is that in addition to funny stories and silly thoughts, it allows the comedian to look at even mundane and negative experiences, in a humorous way. Struggles are turned into funny jokes to be shared and enjoyed with others. Your children will find that their struggles can be turned into laughter.

To Observe the World

It has become apparent to our instructors that over the time of the course, students begin to notice things and make observations they may not have made before the class. They begin to see the world differently and come into their own as an observant, unique individual.

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