Consultation, Speaking, & Other Services

In addition to the school’s standup comedy courses, private comedy coaching, and the One Year Program in Comedy Performing and Writing classes, the American Comedy Institute offers unique services for businesses, colleges and universities, and actors. ACI can work with you for all of your individual comedy needs!

Business Services

Speech Writing, Editing, and Presentation Review

comedy-writingAre your presenters simply putting people to sleep? Do you want to transform a mediocre presentation into a compelling presentation? If this is the case, do what businessmen and women from around the world do, and consult with Stephen Rosenfield. He will help with all of your speech writing and presentation needs so that you are both impactful and entertaining.

Communication Workshops

In a communication workshop, participants learn how to affectively utilize humor in their business communications and presentations. Humor is an immensely powerful tool and can greatly benefit your business when used properly. From every day sales calls to large presentations, individuals will learn how to use humor to get ahead in their work.

Team Building Workshops

In a team-building workshop, participants work together to create their own standup comedy sets. In the process, they learn how to communicate clearly, entertainingly, and impactfully. The culmination of the workshop is a standup comedy show that participants perform for each other. These workshops are a great way to build morale, create a fun, memorable experience, and generate camaraderie among co-workers.

College and University Offerings

Comedy Workshops

ACI conducts workshops in standup, improv, and sketch comedy for college and universities in the U.S. and around the world. Whether as an extension of a school’s course offering, or as a stand alone class, these workshops are individually tailored to either supplement a current course offering or stand alone as a workshop.

Guest Lecturer

comedy-consultingEnlightening students about comedy is an excellent way to enhance a semester of any liberal arts course. Stephen Rosenfield has traveled to various schools sharing his vast knowledge of the history of comedy, tips on comedy writing and performing, the business of comedy, and utilizing humor in business. He continuously informs, instructs, and inspires through his lectures, which leads to a happy and successful student.

International Comedy Workshops and Comedy in Business Workshops

Can’t make it to ACI in Manhattan? Bring ACI to you! Stephen Rosenfield has conducted standup and sketch comedy workshops around the world. Call or email the American Comedy Institute to start planning a workshop in your city today! (212) 279-6980(212) 279-6980 |

Services for Actors

Stephen Rosenfield has directed and coached academy-award nominees, Tony award winners, and actors whose credits include starring roles in movies, network and premium cable television series, Broadway and off-Broadway productions, and commercials. His students have made development deals with CBS, ABC, Fox, HBO, Paramount, the Henson Co. and Tribune Entertainment. He can help you prepare for auditions and upcoming roles. His coaching will enhance the impact and effectiveness of your acting performance. With his past experience as a director, he is well versed in the art of acting and happy to help with all of your performance needs.

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